Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Healthier Way To Wear Artificial Nails

     How would you like to have perfect nails instantly?  No having to let them grow for months in constant fear of breakage.  Who could resist?  Artificial nails are perfect, beautiful and immediate.  But many women experience pangs of regret when they realize how damaged their nails have become due to long-term use of artificial nails.  The every two-week fill-in ritual has turned into a dreaded part of their normal lifestyle, like having their teeth cleaned or changing their oil.  Maintenance of artificial nails should be a safe and healthy habit—not a destructive and damaging habit.

     News reports have warned about the dangers of long-term MMA acrylic use.  Several discount salon chains have been investigated and found guilty of using dangerous products and poor drill use practices resulting in severe damage to women’s natural nails.  Yet women still choose that easy, quick perfect set of beautiful artificial nails and continue to wear them month after month.  Most of the nail damage comes from improper drill use, prying the product off to remove it, and no “rest” or “recovery” period between full sets.  Continuous, uninterrupted long-term wear of artificial nails can cause extreme thinning and brittleness of the natural nails.  Other possible nail health risks involving long-term use of artificial nail products are fungal infections, product allergies, separation or lifting of the nail plate, distorted nail shape, dry cracking cuticles, scarring of the nail bed, and grooved nails.

     To avoid the complications involving long-term use of artificial nails, be sure to have them professionally removed periodically so the natural nails can recover.  A good rule of thumb is 2-1/2 months on and 2-1/2 months off.  Combine the artificial nail removal with a home care maintenance recovery program to speed and maximize the nail health recovery process.  Taking daily Biotin supplements and getting nail fluoride treatments will help harden and thicken weak nails and reduce splitting.  Use of a crystal (glass) nail file will seal and protect the free edges and also reduce splitting and peeling. After the artificial nails are removed, you should get at least 8 high quality professional manicures between each full set of artificial nail enhancements.

     There is help and hope for those who want to learn to recover from nail damage and learn how to wear artificial enhancements the correct, healthier way.  With discipline and commitment you can wear artificial nail enhancements and have good nail health too!  

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