Sunday, April 19, 2015

Benefits of Waterless Manicures & Pedicures

     Waterless manicures and waterless pedicures have numerous benefits in addition to the trivial one of conserving a little bit of water.

     Natural nails swell when they’re immersed in water and expand at the free edge.  As the nails dry, they contract and shrink.  If natural nails are polished immediately after a warm water soak, the polish at the nails’ free edges may crack and peel as the nails begin to dry out.  So the main benefit of keeping the nails dry throughout a manicure or pedicure service is to help ensure longer-lasting, chip-free polish adhesion.

     Soaking the hands and feet does soften the cuticles.  But the warm water actually dehydrates the skin rather than providing moisture.  It is better to soften the cuticles with alpha-hydroxy cuticle remover cream or gel rather than soaking them in warm water.

      Waterless manicures and pedicures are safer and healthier for diabetics.  Diabetics suffer from poor circulation, which means it takes the body longer to heal itself and heightens the risk of infection.  Even a small nick can become serious.  The skin on the feet has a tendency to become thin and dry.  Special care through waterless pedicures using cleansing creams and oxygenated lotions designed specifically for diabetics safely cleanses, hydrates and renews the thin, dry skin.

     Busy people have less time for what they consider luxuries.  Waterless manicure and waterless pedicure services save time by skipping the soaking.  If you do choose to get a warm water manicure, be sure to leave your nails in the water for only a short time – only a minute or so.

     Several good waterless alternatives to the traditional water manicure are the warm oil-soak manicure, warm lotion-soak or the warm mitt manicure.  Several good waterless alternatives to the traditional water-soak pedicure are the exfoliating wax dip and lotion bootie pedicure.  Special products containing essential oils, lotions and creams are used to clean, exfoliate, and soften the feet and hands rather than soaking them in water.  These alternative waterless services all provide extra-moisturizing treatments that quickly and thoroughly eliminate dry skin on the hands and feet but will not cause the nails to swell resulting in better, longer lasting polish wear.

     Choose a salon that is up-to-date on the latest new nail care trends that include waterless manicures and waterless pedicures.  In addition to conserving water, waterless services insure that your nail polish stays on longer, and save you time during your salon visits.  You will be surprised and pleased with the relaxing, skin renewing, natural nail benefits of the waterless manicure and waterless pedicure services that innovative high quality salons are offering these days.  So go ahead and try these new services and enjoy the benefits of softer skin and longer lasting polish wear.