Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Non-damaging Nail Enhancement Method!

     If you’re looking for a nail enhancement that looks and feels like real nails then you should try the new Go 30 Prescription Nails enhancement method.  Many women are not satisfied with the traditional acrylic enhancement method because they produce nails that look and feel too thick and bulky.  Unfortunately some women develop allergic itchy, red, swelled skin reactions to the acrylic product.   Another draw back to traditional acrylics is that they require fill-ins using electric drills—all too often the nail tech doesn’t use sanitized drill bits and this can spread nail fungus from one client to another.  Also if the nail tech files down into the nail bed it causes pain, nail bed damage and possible infection.  Still another draw back to traditional acrylics is the painful removal process by prying or picking off the product that results in nail bed damage. 

     Go 30 Prescription Nails are perfect for clients who want long, beautiful nails without the time, pain, expense or negative risks associated with traditional acrylic or gel enhancement methods.  They are great for helping nail biters overcome their nail biting habit allowing them to grow out their nails safely.  Because Go 30 Prescription Nails cover the entire nail bed they stay on a nail biters fingers better.  Traditional acrylic tips are applied from the middle of the nail to the free edge rather than covering the entire nail bed.  The unsatisfactory thick and bulky artificial look of traditional acrylics is produced from applying too much acrylic product over the tip in an attempt to make a nail biters nails stay on better.

     Go 30 Prescription Nails are carefully fitted to each finger—the curvature and arch of each nail is precisely measured and recorded on a client’s prescription card.  The nails are sized to exactly fit the client’s nail shape producing nail enhancements that have a very comfortable, natural look and feel.

     Go 30 Prescription Nails are quick to apply; clear, full-cover nail tips that are custom-designed for application on top of the entire natural nail bed.  They are durable and last up to two weeks.  They require no fill-ins.  They are easily soaked off in ten to fifteen minutes in acetone.  Go 30 Prescription Nails make an excellent addition to any outfit you choose for everyday wear or for any special occasion such as parties, proms, graduations, weddings, reunions or church functions.  Because you get a new full set every two weeks your nails always look and feel nice.  If you want a healthier nail enhancement method that produces beautiful nails that look and feel just like your own then try Go 30 Prescription Nails today.  Go 30 Prescription Nails enhancements are available at any therapeutic nail salon staffed by a licensed onyxologist.

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