Thursday, April 2, 2015

Beautify Your Feet

     With sandal season approaching, it is important to beautify your feet.  A relaxing monthly pedicure will treat both the toenails and the skin on the feet.  If you suffer from corns, calluses, ingrown toenails, fungus, athlete’s foot or diseases such as diabetes or arthritis then monthly pedicures help to keep your feet healthy as well as beautiful.

     Your feet need individual attention.  Just like your face, your feet are different from everyone else’s.  Forty-three million Americans say their feet hurt and that they have some kind of problem with their feet.  There are a lot of feet out there in dire need of attention and pampering.  Shoes are often the biggest offenders.  Wearing the wrong size, style and shape of shoes can cause numerous foot problems.  Ingrown toenails are the most common.

     Ingrown toenails can lead to serious problems if not taken care of correctly.  Usually, toenails grow straight out, but sometimes, one or both corners curve and grow into the flesh.   The corners dig painfully into the soft tissue of the nail grooves, often leading to irritation, redness, and swelling.  The big toe is the most common casualty, but other toes can also become ingrown.  The shape of the nail is usually inherited, but it is commonly influenced by trauma or shoe pressure.  Tight footwear will increase pressure between the skin in the nail fold and nail, increasing the risk of ingrown nails.  An experienced, professional Nail Tech will know exactly what to do to minimize the pain and speed up the healing.

     The skin on the feet is particularly vulnerable to dryness.   As we age, oil-producing glands slow down production, causing skin to become thin and dry.   Not only does dry skin make the feet look older, it also increases susceptibility to foot infections.  It is important to keep the feet moisturized with a thick rich lotion daily.

     Knowledgeable, qualified pedicurists will never cut or nip delicate skin.  They use scrubs and foot files to gently exfoliate the dry skin on the heels and bottom of the feet.  They use alpha-hydroxy cream to remove cuticle.  The improper practice of nipping or cutting the cuticles will make them grow back quicker and thicker.  When you choose a pedicurist be sure that they do not nip or cut your cuticles.

     A good pedicure ends with a foot and leg massage.  The foot and leg massage improves blood circulation.  Optimal blood circulation decreases the chances of developing skin and nail problems in the feet.

     Choose a salon that you can trust.  Be sure that your salon diligently follows state guidelines for safe footbath cleansing and disinfecting procedures.

     Monthly pedicures can dramatically soften and heal callus-prone feet.  Monthly pedicures will help to prevent fungal infections.  A little time and attention will keep your feet looking and feeling good.  You will also gain health benefits such as skin renewal, reduced stress, and improved circulation. 

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