Saturday, November 28, 2015

Safe Nail Care For Arthritis Sufferers

 Arthritis is a painful inflammation of the joints that limits everyday activities.  There are more than one hundred types of arthritis.  The most common is osteoarthritis that is due to damage caused by trauma or general wear and tear.  Another form is rheumatoid arthritis resulting from an overactive immune system.  This kind can cause pain throughout the entire body.  Conditions and illnesses such as inflammatory bowel disease, fibromyalgia, lupus, Lyme disease and tendonitis are all related to arthritis.
     Arthritis is the most common chronic illness in the United States, affecting men, women and children.    For many people, arthritis is simply an annoyance that brings some local pain, stiffness, tenderness and swelling that over-the-counter analgesics and creams usually relieve.  For others, it’s much more severe, causing swelling, deformed joints and crippling pain that seriously affect their everyday lives.

Cartilage acts as a shock absorber to keep the joint flexible and give it a smooth range of motion.  When the cartilage begins to wear away, the mobility of the joint is damaged.  The body tries to compensate by producing a substance called “synovial fluid” that lubricates the joint.  The problem is that the area surrounding the joint becomes swollen with fluid and this restricts motion. 

 Any disease that restricts circulation in the hands and feet will also affect the nails.  If a person’s hands and fingers are swollen or twisted because of arthritis, that can cause changes in the nails as well.  Arthritis treatment medications can often cause nail pitting or the formation of horizontal lines across the nail bed.

For years, physicians and therapists have prescribed paraffin treatments for pain relief, primarily to treat arthritis sufferers.  Because the lightweight, flexible wax provides heat and softens skin, it’s also ideal for use in manicures and pedicures.  Many women over the age of 40 are dealing with some degree of arthritis in their hands and feet.  Arthritis affects some 40 million Americans, and that number is expected to double in the next 20 years. 

Many arthritis sufferers enjoy having manicures and pedicures under the care of a gentle professional licensed manicurist.  Arthritis can leave hands disfigured so having attractive nails can help offset a low self-image.  Also, the person may be dealing with a lot of pain so providing an improved self-image is of great benefit.  A soothing warm wax solution treatment leaves skin feeling rejuvenated, soft, and healthy. 

Arthritis is one of many age and stress-related hand and foot problems.  There are increasing numbers of diabetic, senior, and immune-compromised people opting to get pedicures.  It is therefore necessary to find a salon that will provide a safe and sanitary pedicure.  A caring professional nail technician can provide arthritic clients with therapies that include warm wax treatments and gentle hand and foot massage.  These gentle services can provide temporary pain relief, improve self-image, reduce stress, improve joint movement, relax tense muscles and stimulate blood flow.