Saturday, April 4, 2015

Acrylic Nail Enhancements

     What are acrylic nails?  I’ve received numerous calls concerning acrylic nails.  The statements I hear most often are, “I didn’t know acrylic nails should be soaked off”, “I didn’t know acrylic nails were so damaging”, and “I didn’t realize I needed fill-ins every two weeks.”  Acrylic nails are a liquid and powder mixture, brushed on over a plastic nail tip to add length.  Most women get acrylic nails for weddings or other special occasions without researching what’s involved in maintaining them.

     How do I maintain acrylic nails?  If you break a nail or if a nail begins to lift, schedule a repair fill-in appointment.  A broken nail can become infected when moisture becomes trapped between the natural nail and the extension tip.  If you’re hard on your nails, shorter nails will avoid breakage and look more natural.  Use cuticle oil daily to soften dry cuticles that acrylics usually cause.

     How should I remove acrylic nails?  Clip the tips (length) down, remove polish and buff the top layer off and soak in pure acetone for about 45 minutes; scrape the softened acrylic off with an orange wood stick.  Prying off is never a good way to remove acrylic because it is painful and removes layers of your natural nails.  You should soak-off acrylic nails (every 6 to 8 weeks).  After your acrylics are removed, your natural nails will be weak, so a eight-week recovery program is recommended.

     What are the risks from long-term acrylic wear?  Possible nail health risks involving long-term use of acrylic nails are fungal infections, product allergies, separation or lifting of the natural nail plate, thin distorted nails, dry cracking cuticles, scarring of the nail bed, and deep grooved nails (also known as rings of fire.)

     Are there any alternative nail enhancements available?  Party Nails also known as temporary tips or special occasion nails are pre-decorated with nail art, last three days to one week and are used for ages 13-18 and for adults not interested in maintaining a set of nails for a long period of time.  Go 30 Prescription Nail enhancements are for weak nails or nail biters, last two weeks and do not require maintenance fill-ins or the use of electric drills.

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